So we are running up and down trying to fix things in our lives that seems in disarray ,from financial struggle to emotional struggle. We don’t know what is wrong in our lives . We try to fathom but never coming to that satisfying conclusion . The struggle is real and we cannot deny that ,the very joy that we are seeking seems elusive each and everyday and we cant really figure out what is wrong or where did we go wrong ,we still gallop in our thoughts trying to find out the answer.

Stop holding on and just be held .

The answer however is not in philosophical do’s and don’ts ,I am not about to give you a list of things you should do to bring a solution to the very many questions you haven’t been able to answer;well we all have those intriguing questions that we always ask God ,why? Take a short journey with me and we shall be fine.

The Answer 
The answer is a divine one,the answer is in surrender ,I mean let God work out the answer for you . How many times have we tried by our will power to make things work for us be it in our places of work or in relationships but in the end we are just bitter and hurting. There are jobs we have held on to and we aren’t ready to let go even though God has showed you by various signs that you should quit it. There are people we have held on for so long ,no matter how much pain they have caused us and we are not about to let them go .we are gripping the knife on the cutting edge .
It is a worth saying;there is power in surrender;why would you not stop holding on and just be held by God’s grace and let him lead the way. Jeremiah 10;23
“I know, Lord, that our lives are not our own. We are not able to plan our own course.”

If we had let God run our lives ,it is not that we would be living a perfect life in this crooked world but we would be a joyful lot knowing that God is in it ,that kind of joy that comes from being in his will . So let go every bitterness, forgive and forget where need be. Trust in the Lord and be strong in His grace that is always sufficient. Let God be your strength. Stop holding on and just be held.

Further readings; 

Psalms 11;1-3

Psalms 46:10

2 chronicles 20:15-22

Songs; Just be held -casting crowns.

See you next time .


Samuel parmat  A.K.A Auspicious Dazzling Parmat 



What are u not ready to sacrifice? Is it too big for the asking?…the relationship between God and Abraham had to go through this test to evaluate the genuinty of Abraham’s love.


He was asked to sacrifice His only son.Abraham never questioned He trusted God that much that whatever God was doing was for His best.Today relationships suffers much just because many of us are not ready to make any sacrifice.IN ANY TRUE RELATIONSHIP SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE .


God is good

Worship is all about acknowledging God’s supremacy over everything under the sun,no matter the situation someone is facing today .
Our sorrows doesn’t disqualify God from being God, the Bible says “let all men be liars but He remain true even to Himself”
I want to encourage somebody that God is still in action do not get annoyed or try to manipulate God to do something for you. HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU
Worship Him,seek first His kingdom (Mathew 6:33)make Him a priority above your pursuits for success and he shall surely meet you at your point of need.